Friday, 7 September 2018

The TT7 Summary

This is the last blog post that summarizes all high altitude balloon flights I did. It also provides a quick index to all the topics this blog addressed. Since seeing images from a high altitude balloon for the first time in spring 2013, I've launched three latex balloons with cameras and six superpressure balloons. With each successive launch, I tried to do something I hadn't done before. This blog documents the progress.

Up-Down Flights

callsign date altitude balloon info
TT7 16.9.2014 34396 Hwoyee 800 recovered several hours later
TT7-40 22.7.2015 ? Hwoyee 1600 failed transmitter, recovered 2 months later
TT7F 26.8.2016 42337 Hwoyee 1600 lost, disappeared during descent

Superpressure Flights

callsign date altitude balloon distance days info
TT7F1 25.8.2017 11242 Sphere 1.33 9465km 8.6 last seen over Japan
TT7F2 29.8.2017 10524 Sphere 1.33 3326km 2.1 last seen over Russia
TT7F3 31.8.2017 13403 Sphere 1.84 275km 0.5 last seen over Hungary
TT7F4 8.9.2017 11864 Sphere 1.84 210km 0.2 burst and landed at Polish-Slovak border
TT7F5 29.9.2017 12226 Tube 3.33 1189km 1.4 last seen over Ionian Sea
TT7F6W 15.10.2017 12153 Tube 2.33 3898km 2.9 last seen over Iran

Individual Components
Radio and Antennas
External Links

This is a combined map of all TT7 flights. The trajectory of TT7-40 is significantly affected by a transmitter failure. Because of that, it contains positional entries only from the beginning of ascent and then from where it was recovered. In case of the superpressure flights, the trajectories span to the last time the tracker's packet was received.

And that concludes TT7 high altitude ballooning.


  1. It was very interesting to follow your work, congratulations. Any plans for other projects in the future?


  2. Not at the moment, Gustavo.